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Inviting Erica to host a Spaghetti Project for your group is a lively and impactful way to bring people together. Whether your group is interested in exploring a subject matter through a panel discussion, or coming together to discuss challenges critical to your community or organization, Erica would love to bring the power of a Spaghetti Project to your table.

Write to for more information about pricing, non-profit options, and availability.

Previous Gatherings

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Girls' Lounge, Advertising Week NYC | 9.26.2017

On September 26th, Erica gave her talk Bring Your Human to Work to a packed room at the Girls’ Lounge, a high-energy gathering of powerful women.

Miraval Spa | 6.21.2017

On June 21 – 23, Erica hosted a Spaghetti Project event at the Retreat on Self-Care and Connecting at Miraval Spa in Tucson, AZ.

Golden Door Spa | 3.20.2017

On March 20th, Erica gave a talk at the fabulously rejuvenating Golden Door Spa in Encinitas, CA called The Importance of Human Connection. There wasn’t a single meatball in sight, but spaghetti squash was in abundance!

Mind, Body, Spirit | 1.19.2017

On January 19th, Erica took the Spaghetti Project show on the road to Connecticut to discuss the importance of making connections in the New Year with our mind, bodies and spirit.

Thrive Global | 1.12.2017

On January 12th, Erica hosted a very special Spaghetti Project in conjunction with Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s new well-being and productivity platform. Erica and Abby Levy, the President of Thrive, talked about ways to enhance well-being at work and in life.

Freelancers Unite | 11.30.2016

On November 30th, 2016, Erica invited an impressive group of freelancers over for a break from their virtual headquarters. As soon as people walked in, the spaghetti was served and the connections were made. Participants talked about not having a water cooler to connect around, and how they are craving connection. They also shared insights and challenges with everything from the future of the publishing industry, to the prevalence of “fake news,” to how to figure out what to charge clients for a depth of industry expertise.

Since then, plans have been hatched, positions filled, and friends made. In other words, in just two hours, and over one plate of spaghetti, we created a community.

Inaugural Lunch | 10.21.2016

On October 21st 2016, Erica and fifty fellow connectors got together in Erica’s living room for the first ever Spaghetti Project Lunch to rave reviews (thanks, Meatball Shop, Archer Roose and Treat House for providing the eats and drinks and Red Flower for the goody-bags!)