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Conscious Capitalism

Be Real: 3 Steps To Baking Authenticity Into Your Conscious Start-Up

New social impact enterprises have a lot to learn from more established brands about leveraging the power of authenticity to create thriving businesses. Here are three key lessons.

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Tiffany Pham, Mogul

Millennial Management: Five Tips From Mogul Founder Tiffany Pham

Tiffany is the Founder and CEO of Mogul, a digital hub for women to connect, share information, and access knowledge. In her transition from Founder to Manager, she has found herself with a crew of employees, many of whom are, like herself, Millennials.

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Millennial Matchmaker

Millennial Matchmaker: How to Know if a Potential Workplace is the One for You

If you are a Millennial looking for a job that meets your needs (for purpose, flexibility, a great culture, and mentorship), here’s how to choose a company that will give you what you want.

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Holiday Workplace

A Gift-Giving Guide for the Human Workplace

‘Tis the season to think about holiday gifts. Many of us still assume “cash is king,” but my research on the younger generation suggests otherwise.

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Employers & Soft Skills

Employers Are Increasingly in Need of Your Soft Skills—Here’s Why

Technical and social media know-how remain valuable, but so are the abilities that can’t be taught overnight.

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Dispatch from Madrid

Dispatch from Madrid: Finding the Sweet Spot Between Tech and Connect

Greetings from Madrid where my 11-year old son is spending the second half of sixth grade. I love getting this different perspective on how relationships and technology work together.

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Spaghetti Project Via HuffPo

The Spaghetti Project: Good Things Really Do Happen When People Connect

I have always been a connector. I love meeting new people and bringing them together.

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Attention As Currency

Attention as Currency

As Randi Zuckerberg writes in her book, Dot Complicated, attention comes at a premium in our wired world. We don’t have to look far to see how valuable our presence really is…

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Howard Levine & Erica Keswin

Starbucks: Changing the World One Barista at a Time

I met Ashley Peterson, a barista at my local Starbucks, over six years ago during my morning ritual—stopping in for a grande extra hot soy latte. . .

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Archer Roose

Archer Roose Wine: An In-the-Box Case Study of Honoring Relationships

The one thing shared by those seeking a truly human business is a belief that relationships matter. Why wouldn’t this be the case for entrepreneurs, too?

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Mentoring Monday

Mentoring Monday: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Bizwomen pairs women business leaders with women in their own communities through speed mentoring, specifically with a seven-minute time limit. Think: Speed Dating.

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Tech Table

Dispatch From TechTable: How to Work Like a Hospitable Human

Erica participated in this one-day conference with folks from around the hospitality industry. The tagline is “Hi-Tech for Hi-Touch.”

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Erica Keswin at Jet Blue

Human Workplaces Are Changing The Way We Think About Giving And Receiving

Companies are increasingly embracing the human need to make a difference. Think Toms, Warby Parker, Kind Bars. . .

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Beach Technology

3 Reasons We Skip the Vacay When We Shouldn’t, and What Smart Businesses Are Doing About It

Have real, old-fashioned, take-a-break-from-it-all vacations become obsolete? Something to aspire to? What’s happening to us?

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Work Human Banner

Working Human: After All, What’s the Alternative?

Specifically, what do we actually mean when we talk about “human” workplaces? And how do people make a workplace more human, and what are the outcomes?

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Soft Skills

Soft Skills That Have Hardcore Business Implications

While technical proficiency is a must-have, workplaces are beginning to wake up to the fact that it’s often the things that can’t be taught—the “soft,” human skills—that are so valuable.

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about v1 03

Feeling the Love: How a Surprisingly Simple Lesson From 2015 Might Change the Way We Do Business

2015 was an important year for business, as our collective crush on technology began to fade, and we realized that our beloved devices weren’t all they were cracked up to be.

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Third Space

The Third Space: Championing Relationships by Integrating Technology

I have been investigating the ways technology can be invited to the table as a way of strengthening and deepening relationships. A work in progress, 100%….but it’s happening.

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contact 02

Dispatch From the New Work Summit, 2016

To be successful in business today and in the future, companies need to ensure that they create a culture where diversity of thought thrives. This is not easy work…

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Seven Books for Working Relationships

My firm specializes in helping businesses identify, develop and manage their greatest asset — their relationships. Here are seven books that changed the way I think about working relationships

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about v1 04

Managing Technology to Keep You in the Game

My daughter plays on a girls’ travel hockey team that takes her all over the country. We often use technology to stay connected when I can’t attend the games. . .

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Discussing sketch

The Business Case for Conversation

Before companies can effectively steer their employees to see that, yes, such face-to-face interactions are important, in fact invaluable, leaders need to first see it for themselves.

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clients 01

Take the Thanksgiving Challenge: Disconnect to Connect

As part of my research on the impact of technology on conversation and relationships in the workplace, I recently came across an important term: telepressure.

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about v3 01

Tech Etiquette: Top Ten Faux-Pas Your Boss Wants You to Avoid

I’ve been doing research on relationships in the workplace for many years. More and more, the top brass is losing their patience with bad manners and poor work habits due to the misuse of technology.

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