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We love our technology, but the digital deluge has created an epidemic of disconnect and divided attention that is hitting our businesses hard. Just last year, stress drained our economy of 300 billion dollars. At the same time, Millennials and Generation Z (who will soon make up 75% of the workforce) have made it clear that they want to feel connected to their colleagues, to the mission of the organization, and to a larger purpose. In fact, they are demanding it. But how?

The Spaghetti Project is a dynamic intervention that brings the power of relationships to the table. Hosting a Spaghetti Project helps leaders, managers, and employees transform their missing links into wholeness, and their conflicts into productive, committed conversation. These shifts then lead to increased retention, engagement and across-the-board goodwill.

In other words, eating together makes people happy. And happiness drives success.

Spaghetti Project corporate workshops, retreats, and keynotes all begin with a discussion of the research behind why honoring relationships makes us more productive and happier at work. Using personal stories from her own life,  as well as science, Erica makes the business case for relationships crystal clear.

The rest of the event is tailored exclusively to each organization and the work they need to do. Small teams define barriers, desired outcomes, and concrete action plans. Spaghetti and meatballs (according to dietary preferences) are then served. And the magic of time spent together around the table unfolds.

Spaghetti Project clients walk away with a deep and user-friendly understanding of the biggest challenges we all face, a concrete commitment to connection, and a first-hand experience of why honoring relationships will change the way we do business.

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Spaghetti Project - Mind Body
Spaghetti Project - Mind Body
Erica Keswin at UJA

Previous Roundtables

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Be Real: How to Speak in a Human Voice | 5.29.2018

On May 29th, Erica and the Spaghetti Project hosted a panel featuring Tiffany Pham, Founder & CEO of Mogul; Karan Rai, Founder of Asgard Partners and a member of The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council; and Piera Gelardi, Executive Creative Director and co-founder of the award-winning digital media company, Refinery29.

Conscious Capitalism | 3.28.2017

On March 28th, the Spaghetti Project joined forces with Conscious Capitalism for a fast and furious networking session for fifty New Yorkers.

National Charity League | 3.05.2017

On March 5th, Erica led a Spaghetti Project at the National Charity League in San Francisco, CA. The breakout groups loved the question: Does your calendar reflect your values?